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About TutorBay

Tutorbay is a platform which bridges the gap between tutors and students, by providing secure, reliable and cost effective environment, so that quality education can become a more accessible goal for all.

Our Progress

Beta version have been launched

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Tutorbay provides a wide range of features

Communicate Before Hiring

Now you can communicate with tutor before starting a tuition.

Easy Cash Handling

System will keep your money secure untill the day tuition ends.

Daily Logs

Daily Tuition logs to keep track of tuitions/tutors.

Mobile Application

Find tutors/tuition Near you convenientlty

Search Courses

Student can search various courses in a single platform.

Variety of Tutors

Find Tutors for according to your needs i.e. course, time, fee etc.

Core Team

Meet the Team

Muhammad Saad Iqbal


I started Tutorbay because it is the pain students face
during their student life as I faced.

Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science
From Usman Institute of Technology
Incubated at The Nest i/o

+92 (331) 384-4515

Shaheer Ahmed


Tutorbay allowed me to be creative and present it as a brand. It's for the people and it's my job to make sure it can be easily used by anyone.

Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science
From Fast University
Incubated at The Nest i/o

+92 (345) 333-2125

Usama Hussain


Tutorbay for me is a solution for those
who want to teach or learn something without any barriers.

Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science
From Usman Institute of Technology
Incubated at The Nest i/o

+92 (302) 263-1109

Muhammad Mustafa


Finding a tuition had been a big challenge for me,
that's why I started working on Tutorbay.

Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science
From Usman Institute of Technology
Incubated at The Nest i/o

+92 (334) 222-0502

How it works
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Safeguarding both Tutor and Seller, all funds transacted using TutorBay are kept in trust. You don't have to worry about wasting time or money

why Tutorbay?

Tutorbay provides a wide range of Tutors

Tutors who belongs to different field, expertise and experience.

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You can find tutor in a few taps or clicks.

Reliability and Security

Your safety is our top priority. Tutors go through a 3-step verification process to ensure safety.

Money Safety

Your money will keep kept safe until your tuition completes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Register?

The process is simple you can register through our online form and we'll contact you for verification.

How do I find Tuition?

You can find Tuition via applicaiton which we will be launching soon. Stay connected for updates.

What is the payment process?

After the tutor and student agree to an order, A bill will be generated to be paid by the student in advance. Tuition starts as soon as the bill is paid.

What happens if the student and teacher mutually cancel the order?

If the order is cancelled the amount paid for the tuition will be divided according to the log generated and will be sent to tutor and student

What are the Benifits of Tutorbay?

Tutorbay provides a secure, reliable, convenient and a cheap platform where you can keep track and manage your tuitions efficiently.

What we charge?

20% will be deducted from the fee once the tuition ends. This amount may reduce to as low as 10% with the addition of rewards and bonuses for the best tutors and students

Are there any Registration Charges?

Tutorbay will not charge any registration fee or additional fees it is a free platform for both student and tutor only service charges apply after completing a tuition.

More Questions?

Feel Free to contact us at